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I started working with Brian in October 2012. I found out right away how knowledgable and supportive he is in working towards one's fitness goals. He has made it very clear that he is available and willing to help whether it be questions on food or work out routines. I've been very happy with my results while working with Brian. I'm still working towards my goal, and I couldn't be more grateful to have such a great resource like Brian to help me get there.


-Angie S.




I was invited to try out Boot Camp at KT in February 2013 after mentioning to a coworker that “I needed to do something” to get moving, get back in shape, and regain my health.  I am a full time office worker and not one to do much outdoors if it’s too hot or too cold - so to say I was pretty sedentary would be accurate.  On top of that I had a major health crisis in 2011 that left me with no stamina, no energy, and no confidence.  It was time to reclaim my mind and body!


As the day drew near for my 1st boot camp session, I grew increasingly nervous about whether I would be able to keep up and participate without looking like an idiot.  I walked through the door and introduced myself to Brian and he immediately made me feel welcome.  He assured me that I would be able to achieve my fitness goals by focusing on doing the best I could for this session and building from there.  I’m still not sure how I made it through that 1st session , it wasn’t pretty, but I did.  I was determined to keep moving forward and went back the next week and the week after that.  


Apart from strength training, I have noticed increased mobility in my daily life.  Sometimes it’s like an “Oh, I haven’t been able to do that for a long time” or I notice that I did something that used to hurt, without pain.  Joints that used to groan on a regular basis are now quiet for the most part!  My stamina and energy levels have vastly improved!  I have regained my confidence and even taken on other fitness challenges, including completing my 1st Warrior Dash last summer.


I have learned a lot from Brian through his gentle encouragement and sincere desire to help people achieve their fitness goals.  His knowledge of body mechanics and ability to modify any activity so everyone can fully participate keeps boot camp fun and friendly.  I am so glad I didn’t chicken out going to that 1st session - Boot Camp has truly had a profound impact on my mind and body!  Thank you Brian!!


-Becky S.




I had big goals and a short timeline, but Brian’s easy going attitude and enthusiasm for all things fitness related made the daunting task seem almost doable. The workouts were intense but always attainable; he takes the time to explain not only the proper way to do an activity but why we are doing it and what muscles it is working.  This added teaching has helped me to gain confidence in my ability to go to the gym and workout on my own as well.


After completing the 24 Day Challenge and  just six weeks working with Brian twice a week I lost 8 pounds and 9 inches overall.  Those were the results I was hoping for – but never actually thought I’d be able to attain. Now I’m a healthier version of myself, have my pre-baby body back and have more energy than I’ve had in a long time.  I’d recommend Brian’s personal training and bootcamp sessions to anyone looking to jump start their health and fitness goals in a very unintimidating environment to workout.


-Rachelle E.

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