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      Someone looking for a customized program created specifically with their goals and time frame in mind? This is the route to go regardless of someones current health and fitness level. 


     We will work together to create goals for acheiving your optimal level of health. A customized strength training program will be created in order to continually progress each person towards their unique goals. 


     You will be coached on proper technique and execution to ensure safety and effectiveness of all activities. I do all the hard work, you just show up and work hard!




     It does not matter whether someone is looking to lose weight, increase lean mass, improve speed, strength, endurance or recovery with performance. Nutrition is going to be one of the most important pieces.

     Nutrtitional guidance can range from assisting with creating a customized plan to ensure balanced nutrition for everyday overall wellness or enhancing performance and recovery. 


     A fantastic place to start is with the 24 Day Challenge. No matter a persons current state of health or fitness level, this will aid in reseting the metabolism and provide optimal absorption of nutrients for burning fat and adding lean mass.



     I have always been extremely passionate about sports. There is nothing I enjoy more than working with athletes looking to improve their game performance. 


     Programs will be created with a focus of enhancing athletic and sport performance. Programs will include, but not be limited too, strength training, plyometrics, agility work, and sport specific skill work.


     We will focus on creating a more powerful, reactive, and confident athlete.

     Brian competed as a four-sport athlete in high school and went on to play basketball and soccer while attending Augsburg College in Minneapolis. After 4 years of both sports and receiving a Bachelors in Mathematics and Psychology in 2009, he pursued his Masters from the University of Minnesota. Since receiving his Masters from the University of Minnesota in 2010, Brian has been serving as both a personal and group trainer. Brian is an NSCA certified strength and conditioning specialist, a NASM corrective exercise specialist, Level 1 coach through Precision Nutrition and completed the Twin Cities Marathon. He spent his time training in Minneapolis for small businesses that focus on personal, small group training, and boot camps.


     He serves as a high school coach at the Varsity level for soccer and basketball along with continuing to coach club soccer in the Twin Cities Metro.


     "I started Kaizen Training at the beginning of 2013 because I was conflicted with what I believed personally as a health and fitness coach and what I was being asked to 'sell' in the industry. I found myself going to work for the wrong reasons and the thrill of accomplishing goals with my clients had faded. So to me, the answer was simple; I needed to find a way to make my own decisions and preach only the things I believe in."


- Brian Jungwirth

Owner/Trainer, MEd, CSCS, CES, Pn1

About Kaizen Training

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